Sunday, 3 March 2013

Spring Air

This weather doesn't let us feel the spring. Though the days and sunny, they are still frosty. Frosty days are better then dull ones, but still we're dreaming of spring outfits. To feel some spring air we replace dark autumn sweaters with some soft and white with delicate prints :)

Погода не дает почувствовать весну. Хоть дни и солнечные, но морозные. Морозные дни все же лучше хмурых, но о легкой одежде можно пока и не мечтать. На смену темным осенним свитерам приходят мягкие белые с нежными принтами :)

Coat - Roberto Valenti
Sweater - New Look
Jeans - New Look
Heels - Galary


  1. Анна, ты как всегда прекрасна!) Вот что значит русская красота!

  2. Amazing as always! :)

  3. очень красиво!

  4. Очень красивая и нежная!

  5. I really appreciate what you're doing

  6. Love the sweater!


  7. Anna! Tell me please... most of your look are made on the balcony. Do you go out after that? or you go back home and dress into comfortable shoes for example.
    Thank you~

    1. Well, it depends. Sometimes I put on warmer coat, but I don't change shoes, most of my shoes are very comfortable :)

  8. Очень милый образ!)

  9. Ah ha love the anonymous comment !
    You're beautiful Anna :)


    Coline ♡

  10. hiii
    Amazing this blouse, soo romantic

  11. awesoe look!
    love this very much!!!!

  12. You look so pretty (and your hair is amazing! )
    Very nice outfit <3

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